GTA V vs Watch Dogs Next Gen Graphics Comparison – which game is Open World King?

Following on from our earlier comparison video this year between the last gen version of GTA V vs Watch Dogs next gen, we can now draw a more direct comparison as GTA V has upped the stakes with its remastered version now appearing on PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs does a lot of things right as an entry level game against GTA V’s long standing heritage but placing it side by side in terms of looks the updated GTA offers its own visual style in comparison. We’ve broken the video into sections which includes looking at assets such as foliage detail, vehicle interiors and how good each game represents night-time in the pouring rain. Check out the video and then decide for yourselves which one has the edge. It has to be noted that GTA V is running at native 1080p whereas Watch Dogs released at 792p and is up-scaled in this instance. Both videos also suffer from Youtube’s compression which takes some of the detail away from the video when compared to the raw footage. There’s also much excitement for the yet to be released PC version which ultimately should offer the best looking version of the three, but we won’t know until next year where there will no doubt be a selection of comparison videos championing the PC cause.

Written by: Rob Cram

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