Virtual Reality

SteamVR Performance Test GTX 980 Ti/i5 3570K

Gamers can now test their systems using the rather neat SteamVR performance test which you can download via Steam to see if your PC is VR ready. The test pushes your GPU/CPU running a scene and gives you a colour coded evaluation at the end. We ran the test using

HTC Vive Pre Revealed

HTC has revealed its second generation Vive virtual reality headset which comes ahead of the full consumer release in April 2016 entitled Vive Pre. The new iteration for developers comes with several improvements such as: ·         New, lighter, more ergonomic headset and controller design ·         Front facing camera to merge

HTC Vive Releasing in April 2016

The HTC Vive head mounted Virtual Reality device will be releasing in April 2016 according to the latest update from an official post. The company hasn’t revealed the pricing but has said they will be ramping up production with a further 7000 dev kits being made available prior to the

AuraVisor VR Gaming Becomes a Reality

The AuraVisor VR Kickstarter campaign has been a success with the £100K target easily reached which means backers will received their units as early as February 2016. What’s neat about the potential of the all in one head mounted display aside from the fact it’s a self-contained unit that is

Summer Lesson – VR Tech Demo – E3 2015

Bandai Namco Games released a new trailer for its Unreal Engine powered Morpheus enabled virtual reality game Summer Lesson. Whilst there’s few details at present, attendees at E3 will be able to sample the tech demo first hand. What’s interesting is how the game looks compared to the original reveal