ultra street fighter iv

Ultra Street Fighter IV review

Capcom’s long running fighting game Super Street Fighter IV sees another iteration launch on consoles and PC following in the footsteps of the Arcade Edition update offering new characters, extra stages and some tweaked moves in Ultra Street Fighter IV. The question one has to ask is whether this latest upgrade is

Ultra Street Fighter IV launch trailer

Capcom released a launch trailer for their Ultra Street Fighter IV which is available now via the PSN and XBLA as a digital upgrade on the previous versions of Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. The download can be yours for a further £11.99 digital

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Decapre Trailer

Capcom reveals the final fighter in their forthcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV package which is coming soon to a console near you. The final reveal showcases M.Bison’s Decapre as another female fighter to add to the already massive and definitive roster of characters. Take a look at the trailer to

Ultra Street Fighter IV announcement trailer

Capcom has just announced a new addition to its fighting game roster for this year for consoles and PC, in the return of Street Fighter IV which adds five more characters. The game is entitled Ultra Street Fighter IV and here’s an announcement trailer showcasing the new additions to sink