Spartacus Legends

How to kill in Spartacus Legends

This video shows how to kill in Spartacus Legends, the game’s version of a Mortal Kombat fatality. You should also gain the Vidi Vici Veni achievement/Trophy. Firstly you MUST choose the “Boost” option before the fight begins to enable the execution move. Select the first option of whatever allows you

Spartacus Legends gameplay videos

For those having issues with connection to Spartacus Legends, here’s a couple of videos from the single player content available to all who can connect to the servers.┬áThe game offers gladiatorial combat using a variety of styles and is free to play and available now on PSN and Xbox Live

Spartacus Legends connection issues kill game

Ubisoft’s groundbreaking free to play gladiatorial combat game based around Starz’ popular and gruesome TV series Spartacus sets a bad precedence for our digital future due to horrendous connectivity problems for many people resulting in being locked out of the single player game. We’ve been trying since yesterday to connect