Metro Redux

Metro Redux – Launch Trailer

4A Studios released a Metro Redux launch trailer to mark the game’s official release later this week on August 29th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms. We’ve already reviewed the game and found it more impressive an experience on console than PC with Metro 2033 being a more impressive

Metro Redux Performance video 1080p HD 7970

The Metro Redux versions are much better optimized than their regular counterparts especially Metro 2033 which seemed to chug the resources. Take a look at our Metro Redux performance video which shows off the frames per second in outdoor and interior scenes from the two games. The system used is

Metro 2033 Redux first 50 minutes Gameplay

Metro Redux releases later this month (August 26th) on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and presents the two Metro games with improved graphics and on PC at least much better optimization than before making the game run silky smooth. Take a look at the Metro 2033 Redux first 50 minutes

Metro Redux Uncovered Trailer‏

Deep Silver in partnership with 4A studios released a new Metro Redux trailer to showcase how the game is shaping up and what differences there are over the original release. The game is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms via digital download and can be purchased as Metro 2033

Metro Redux is dated with new screenshots

Deep Silver has today revealed that its forthcoming remastering of its Metro games, will release in August 2014. The pack which includes, remastered versions of both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, with all previously released add-on content. Gamers will also be able to tackle both campaigns  in ‘Spartan’ or ‘Survival’

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Metro Redux – Announcement screenshots

Deep Silver and 4A Games has today revealed that its Metro games which include Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light will be getting a current gen makeover and will appear as Metro Redux on Xbox One and PS4 with the package also coming to PC. The games have been rebuilt