Mars: War Logs

Mars War Logs screenshots

Mars War Logs is now on the Xbox Live Arcade and to mark the occasion here are some fresh screenshots from the futuristic post apocalyptic role playing adventure game. Be sure to also check out our video review of the PC version which released several months ago.    

Mars War Logs overview trailer

Focus Home Interactive released a new overview trailer for their forthcoming Mars War Logs which is coming to PC and consoles next month. The video is narrated by Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders Studio and shows new gameplay sequences and tells you all you need to know about the game.

Mars War Logs screenshots

Spiders Studios released some images from their forthcoming project which is heading to consoles via XBLA and PSN, PC and Mac platforms starting in May on PC with a Q3 release for consoles. Their game is entitled Mars War Logs and is an RPG set in a cyberpunk setting. More

Mars: War Logs combat trailer

Focus Interactive/Spiders released a new trailer for their forthcoming action adventure game set on the red planet entitled, Mars: War Logs. The trailer take a closer look at the various ways players can choose to tackle opponents. Mars is an hostile planet, where many dangers lurk. Mutants, fanatical survivors, fearsome