ENCODYA – Featurette #3 Trailer

Developer Chaosmonger Studio with studio lead, Nicola Piovesan looks at the just released cyberpunk-themed adventure game ENCODYA on PC in this latest trailer. Take a look at the game via Steam or GoG. Key Features of Encodya: A Touching Story of Survival: The world of Neo-Berlin is a scary, aggressive place, but

Encodya Gameplay Video Summer 2020

Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger posted a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming cyberpunk themed point and click adventure game Encodya. The game plans for a release this year on PC via Steam. It’s 2062. Tina – a 9 years old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy

ENCODYA Kickstarter Now On

Developers of the dystopian cyberpunk themed point and click adventure game Encodya announced the Kickstarter today. Studio Ghibli aims to raise £25,500 from backers with plenty more if funding reaches beyond this figure. Interestingly a demo features for those wishing to try first. We also have some gameplay from said