ENCODYA – Featurette #3 Trailer

Developer Chaosmonger Studio with studio lead, Nicola Piovesan looks at the just released cyberpunk-themed adventure game ENCODYA on PC in this latest trailer. Take a look at the game via Steam or GoG.

Key Features of Encodya:

  • A Touching Story of Survival: The world of Neo-Berlin is a scary, aggressive place, but Tina and SAM-53 find strength in their bond that will help see them through to better times
  • A Glimpse Into our Potential Future: The corporate dystopian hell of 2062 with its eerily prescient billboards and familiar ad jingles offers a reflection — and a warning — about our contemporary world and where we might be headed, thanks to a brilliantly realized world designed by Nicola Piovesan
  • Come Back Again Soon: There is plenty to explore in Neo-Berlin, and to keep players visiting again and again, Encodya’s puzzles are randomly generated, so each new playthrough provides a unique challenge!
  • Old Fashioned, Hand-Crafted Design: Like your favorite Indie band or craft beer, Encodya was a passion-project designed by a hands-on developer with a very specific vision brought to life with careful consideration for every detail

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