Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: Horizons – The Engineers 2.1 Trailer

Frontier Developments posted a new trailer for their Elite Dangerous: Horizons latest 1.6 update which adds The Engineers into the mix. About: The Engineers 2.1 is available to download now for all Commanders who own the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions. For Elite Dangerous: Horizons players, The Engineers unlocks

Elite Dangerous Review Xbox One

After spending plenty of hours in Frontier Developments’ open ended and far reaching space sim Elite Dangerous and biting the bullet several times amongst some relatively minor successes, I can only conclude the game is a load of w***. It’s an abominable nightmare of a game for anyone but the

Elite Dangerous Releases on Xbox One Today

Frontier Developments has just announced that its space adventure game Elite Dangerous has officially landed on Xbox One after months of being in preview. Gamers can now purchase the full game from the Xbox store for $37.49 in the US, £29.99 in the UK and €37.49 in Europe. Quote: To