Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One vs PC video

We put the Xbox One version of Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 next to the just released PC release to see how the two compare in our Dead Rising 3 Xbox One vs PC video. Aside from vast differences in gamma levels where both settings were left at the game’s default

Dead Rising 3 PC Smooth Gameplay at 1080p

Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 is available now for PC gamers and ups the ante on its Xbox One counterpart with some excellent visuals at 1080p. At present there’s no means in game to change the maximum frame rate though as it’s currently locked at 30 frames per second (this can

Dead Rising 3 versus Dead Rising 2 graphics

We take a look at Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One and compare the differences with the last generation game, Dead Rising 2 Case West on Xbox 360. Whilst at a glance it might be easy to suggest that there’s not much visual improvement, upon closer inspection the Xbox One

Microsoft spooks gamers with its Zombieprank

Microsoft recently attempted to frighten hardened gamers during its Xbox One launch with some VIP room shenanigans involving the undead in its Zombieprank. Gamers were brought into a special demo area for Dead Rising 3, but were greeted with some ambiguous technical hiccups and then  hordes of undead coming out

Dead Rising 3 snowflakes launch trailer

Microsoft released a new Dead Rising 3 snowflakes launch trailer for their Xbox One which releases this Friday in North America and Europe. The game is shaping up to be a fun filled launch title and should prove popular among early adopters of the system.

Dead Rising 3 story trailer

Capcom has just released a new Dead Rising 3 story trailer which looks at the plight of lead character Nick Ramos as he and the other survivors try to escape from the hordes of undead. The trailer shows off various crazy characters the series is renowned for and looks like