Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Tune in today at 5:30 PM to see what Microsoft and team Xbox have in store for gamers with their upcoming wares in the Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase. This will also be a good moment to see what Bethesda have been up to with the eagerly anticipated and delayed

Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds Launch Trailer

Available today, Bethesda presents a new way to enjoy Fallout 76 with the arrival of Fallout Worlds. Players can embark on Custom Worlds or Public Worlds giving options to make Appalachia their own PLAYGROUND! Custom WorldsAvailable to all Fallout 1st members along with up to seven of their invited friends, Custom

Skyrim Anniversary Edition is a thing!

Save the date or not as Bethesda officially confirmed that Skyrim Anniversary Edition is a thing and will arrive for consoles on 11th of November 2021. Granted this latest version features a ton of extra content but the base game is 11 years old and released over several generations of