The World of Redfall Official Trailer

The Xbox/PC exclusive Redfall from Arkane Studios releases on May 2nd, and to whet the appetite, here is some more world building action in this trailer.

The open world of Redfall used to be pleasant, sunny, even quaint, but things have taken a turn for the worse. Overrun by bloodthirsty vampires who cast the town into darkness by eclipsing the sun, Redfall has turned into a bloodbath. The vampires have pushed back the sea from the land and made getting off the island impossible. As the town descends into chaos, the people of Redfall (those who have survived) have no choice but to fight back against the vampire threat. Redfall features a stunning and spooky open world and the evocative environmental storytelling that Arkane is known for. Protect the remaining survivors by taking the island back, one neighborhood at a time. Explore trippy psychic spaces that twist the laws of reality. Face off against vampires, cultists and mercenaries, or just watch as they tear each other apart.

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