Amplitude Studios

Dungeon of the Endless Review

AMPLITUDE Studios brings its tower defence style game Dungeon of the Endless (DOTE) to consoles and PC as players take their powered generator crystal to an undiscovered exit whilst fending off all manner of vile creatures having crash landed in an endless dungeon. It’s a rogue like game and means

Endless Legend Faction trailer

Iceberg Interactive/Amplitude Studios released a new Endless Legend faction trailer which takes a closer look at the Broken Lords faction in this 4x fantasy game coming to PC and Mac. You can view the other faction videos by heading over here, and be sure to get more details about the

Endless Legend screenshots

Iceberg Interactive and indie developer Amplitude Studios has today announced Endless Legend for PC. In Endless Legend, Players will explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate using a hero from one of eight civilizations as they uncover mysterious artifacts, assimilate factions, research magic and tech, and engage in full combat in their