An amazing Lost Xbox One Amazon story

Looking back at our own experiences with the Xbox One launch and we can honestly say it wasn’t the perfect safe ride we’d have hoped for, and thanks to giant retailer Amazon, we’d almost given up hope on the supposed safety net of pre-ordering in advance and expecting a delivery

Amazon selling £499 Xbox One standard edition

With stock piling in at various retailers across the UK, Amazon UK still have the Xbox One standard edition listed by one of their external sellers for an amazingly poor £499 which is some £60 more than it should be (compared to Tescos who are selling the same console for

Hitman Trilogy HD might come as soon as January

According to one source, Amazon has listed The Hitman Trilogy releasing on January 29th 2013. Whilst we’ve known about the game that will feature Hitman Contracts, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and Hitman Blood Money, the date has been a mystery. Whilst Amazon have been known to make placeholder dates (which