Resident Evil 6 will sell loads contrary to the negative reviews

Now that numerous review scores are in from various sources across the globe, it seems that opinion is very much divided. Perhaps expectations were unrealistically high for some people, or the game’s niggles became more like excruciating pains; but each reviewer has justified the reasoning behind their scores even though there are plenty of inaccuracies (which we won’t go into here). Either way, reviewers across the board have laid out their opinions on Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, but despite the criticisms, Capcom isn’t likely to be worried, but will undoubtedly¬† be paying close attention to the common complaints (QTEs).

Capcom’s other games this year were also bombarded with mixed reviews, Dragon’s Dogma, Operation Raccoon City, and yet both games easily surpassed the million sales mark. The bottom line is, despite the 3/10 – middle of the road review scores, Resident Evil 6 has legions of fans who will likely buy the game anyway. However, the biggest question remains is whether gamers will see the issues reviewers had with the game as problems or ignore them. The game releases worldwide tomorrow and it will be telling once the weeks pass what consumer reaction will be like.

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Written by: Robert Cram

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