Resident Evil 6 closes in on 3 million sales – average equals sales

In an age where a name means everything it seems, Capcom are no doubt rubbing their hands with glee at the predicted actual sales figures for their latest release Resident Evil 6 which has come under the spotlight due to its lower than expected review scores.

In just two weeks of going on sale (according to estimated shipped figures) Resident Evil 6 is close to 3 million sales globally. The numbers are likely to be much higher in terms of units shipped to retail outlets which includes lots of unsold stock.

The game received mixed reviews for a number of reasons, but then again, the series has garnered many fans – of which some of those will have come into the series from Resident Evil 4 which offered a distinct change of pace in the gameplay compared to earlier offerings. Either way, as proven by the numbers, a game deemed average by many of the gaming press can also sell bucket loads and somewhat goes against the warnings offered by some reviewers.

Capcom are aiming to sell some 6 million units and will be encouraged by the numbers. With a PC version planned for later this year, it’s likely they will reach and possibly surpass their target. In contrast, to date, Resident Evil 5 has sold around 8 million across three platforms. As for reviews, Resident Evil 6 simply sits as a grand example of how a game’s fans, some good promotion, and an established name can reap the rewards despite what the critics might suggest.


Written by: Robert Cram

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