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FIFA 19 Stays Top of UK Software Sales Chart

Here is the latest UK Software Sales Chart which puts FIFA 19 back at the top for another week. It was only a matter of time the longstanding front-runner would return to its rightful home. CHARTTRACK WEEKLY CHARTS All formats Week ending 15 June 2019 POS. TITLE PUBLISHER LAST WEEK

BOX VR Quest Review

After spending some time with FitXR’s fitness arcade game Box VR on the Oculus Quest (also on PSVR and Steam VR, Oculus Rift) I have come away with mixed feelings. Yes, the game offers a decent workout if you push yourself, however the fusion of boxing game cum arcade rhythm

Most Anticipated Upcoming Games 2019/20

With E3 2019 over we’ve seen plenty of games and now have the long task of waiting for them to release. There are a lot of games covering many genres but which ones are we most excited about? Take a look at our most anticipated upcoming games and please leave