Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll is working again but what a weird game

Developer Project Helius‘ Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll seems to have fixed its recent server issues and now the Beta runs as intended (mostly). After progress got reset, we’ve been beavering away with our Dr Anya character, and finally reached the maximum advancement level to gain her level 50 wares. This includes the rather cool masked outfit you can see in the video.


The experience also now feels like a proper game in the making, but has some annoyances such as limited time to play before being penalised – where you can’t progress further until your “Sanity” meter resets every 24 hours. There’s a Gacha style system for unlocking cards, and an unusual multiplayer experience where you can only communicate with other players by offering “likes”. It’s such a weird approach for an adult themed game, but this is just a testing ground for the main gameplay which will feature card combat battles of sorts.

The community seems somewhat mixed about this game, but it has been such a long time in development, we think gamers are simply sticking around to see where this eventually ends-up. Still, it does feature some fantastic character models, and the new outfits are pretty neat too despite adhering to the game’s overall weirdness (which includes, but is not limited to cross species sexual activities). For some, the westernized “gaming” approach to this adult project might seem jarring, but overall we are finding some enjoyment from unlocking all there is to offer in the current Beta. If you want to join the beta or try the free Steam Demo (which does not include the multiplayer) then you can do so via their Patreon.

Written by: Rob Cram

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