Medal of Honor Warfighter sales over half a million

Despite scathing criticism from the gaming press and gamers alike, EA’s big budget second outing for Medal of Honor has sold very well in its first week on consoles. According to estimated actual sales data, Medal of Honor Warfighter sales are over half a million units in its first week (around 650,000). This must be encouraging for EA who are hoping the series can become a main player alongside its Battlefield series of games. With PC sales on top of this, then it’s likely to easily surpass the one million mark over time. Again, it’s perhaps testament that reviews – whilst no doubt having some impact – cannot cripple a game or sway everyone from buying. It also highlights a common trend that games deemed average can, and do sell in their numbers. It will be interesting to see how well Medal of Honor Warfighter can maintain its sales momentum over the coming weeks.

In comparison, the October 2010 release of Medal of Honor has sold around 5 million units on console, with 700k sales on Xbox in its first week and a further 600,000 on PS3. In this regard the numbers are double those of Warfighter’s for the first week of sale.

Written by: Rob Cram

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