Hitman Absolution patch is on the cards

Hitman Absolution launched with much praise from the gaming press (we gave it a solid 9/10) but it seems some of the old school fans of the game aren’t happy with the new disguise system – hopefully a Hitman Absolution patch is on the cards.  In the game, when Agent 47 dons a disguise, enemies wearing the same outfit can spot the character from a great distance making the disguises somewhat redundant. We touched upon this fact in our review, as it made simply using the default suit just as viable. However, it appears that IO Interactive are listening to the complaints and could patch the game’s system to be less harsh and more like the older games. It’s not clear how they would do this without a complete overhaul of the gameplay , but if they do, then no doubt it will be music to gamers ears.

On the official Eidos forums, the IO community manager, known as IOI Nick simply says: We are currently looking at how to tweak the detection system with disguises.


Written by: Rob Cram

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