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HITMAN 2 Review PC – The Ultimate Assassination Sandbox

IO Interactive’s HITMAN series began in 2000 with HITMAN Codename 47 and now some 18 years later HITMAN 2. Since its humble beginnings the series changed considerably. Players navigated the taxing suspicion meter in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin. Picture-in-picture displays in Hitman Blood Money. More recent releases such as Hitman

HITMAN 2 Gameplay 4K – RTX 2080 Ti

Take a look at this HITMAN 2 gameplay using the RTX 2080 ti at Ultra settings 4K. The video highlights two missions (Nightcall and Miami) showing various strains on the GPU and CPU. The video also showcases how well optimised the game is. However, Denuvo might be causing some stuttering

HITMAN 2 Untouchable Trailer

Warner Bros. & IO Interactive released a new HITMAN 2 trailer which explores the various locations players will be able to conduct their murderous business. Agent 47 will hit the streets of Miami and the dangerous jungles of Colombia, Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Vermont and the mysterious Isle of Sgáil. Save