Hitman 2016 Beta Action Gameplay – How Well Does it Hold Up?

The Hitman Beta guides players onto a righteous path of using the game’s stealth subterfuge mechanics despite offering the tools to let rip with the auto-rifles and shotguns. Whilst it’s perhaps more preferable to be sneaky, one can’t ignore the fact that every Hitman game has allowed for multiple approaches and if going gung-ho is your calling, then so be. Sure, your end mission ranking might not be the best but at least you got the job done no matter how messy the execution. We put the Hitman Beta through its paces by following the distinct line it sets but decided to wander of the beaten track as well to see how the game’s mechanics hold up when you have no regard for collateral damage. Sure, it’s a Beta and liable to change but on reflection, the game is pretty tough when letting rip with the bullets. There’s health regeneration (as standard) but the amount of punishment Agent 47 can take is low which makes the shooting all the more dangerous and challenging in equal measure. Admittedly the shooting mechanics could be a little tighter, but on the whole, as an alternative to sneaking around it’s pretty satisfying. Take a look at our Hitman 2016 Beta Action gameplay video to see how it fares.

Written by: Robert Cram

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