DK Online Realm Vs Realm mode revealed

Aeria Games has today spilled the beans on its DK Online Realm vs Realm mode (RvR) in its forthcoming  free to play MMO. What’s more some new screenshots were released ahead of the game anticipated launch of its Beta phase.  Players can sign up for the Beta now over at

[nggallery id=17]

RvR is an important cornerstone of DK Online’s robust Player vs. Player (PvP) features. Once players have reached an appropriate level, they may register to fight in the name of either Eos or Dione, the two goddesses central to the game’s storyline. All players aligned with one of these factions may then make their way to an outdoor arena at predetermined times for massive RvR matches.

The battle revolves around a central beacon, with each side vying to take control. The faction with more surviving players in the area of the beacon will gradually wrest control away from their opponents. The colossal clash ends when a faction eliminates enough of their foes and achieves complete control of the beacon. The victors are then rewarded with a valuable buff that increases experience for every player associated with that faction worldwide!

DK Online Realm vs. Realm battles allow players who aren’t part of a PvP-focused guild to still enjoy intense, large-scale PvP combat, and for all members of a faction to enjoy the rewards of a successful battle. For even more PvP action, players can look forward to Castle Siege mode, an organized clash between guilds over valuable territory. Castle Siege details will be revealed at a later date.

Written by: Rob Cram

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