Free to play

Fable Legends is now Free to Play

Lionhead Studios has just announced that its forthcoming action role playing game Fable Legends for Xbox One and PC will be free to play. To mark the announcement take a look at the accompanying trailer before heading on over to the official website for more details of this exciting development.

Swordsman Open Beta first 20 minutes

Perfect World released their open beta for their free to play martial arts based action role playing game Swordsman. The game allows players to take on various opponents in co-op and PVP scenarios and to give you a taste of the opening moments take a look at the video. If

Defiance goes free to play

Trion has just announced that its MMO shooter based on the popular TV series Defiance is to go free to play on consoles and PC starting with the PC version on June 4th 2014.  The PS3 version will roll out on June 15th, although there’s no word at present on

Swordsman classes trailer

Perfect World released a brand new trailer for their upcoming free to play combat game, Swordsman which focuses on three of the ten classes available when the game launches for PC in Europe and North America later this year. Take a look at this cool looking game, and be sure to

1.7 million Registered Warframe users on PS4

According to the latest figures from Warframe, it appears that the massively popular free to play game has become a hit with PS4 gamers. The figures suggest that since launch there are 1.7 million registered Tennos which are player created characters. Obviously there will be some duplicates across single accounts

Dead Island: Epidemic – Closed Beta begins

Deep Silver has announced that its Dead Island: Epidemic closed beta has begun and allows gamers to team up and fight the zombie threat in the first ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) game.  To sign up for the beta gamers are advised to head on over to Dead Island: Epidemic places

SoulCalibur Lost Swords new screenshots

Namco Bandai Games has today released some new images from their forthcoming PS3 exclusive free to play weapons based  fighter, SoulCalibur Lost Swords which follows the same  free play trajectory as Tekken Revolution, Ridge Racer and soon to be Ace Combat Infinity. Namco Bandai Games, are spearheading the free to