Koei ready to rinse out Fist of the North Star

Tecmo Koei released a new trailer for their recently announced Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2. It looks like Koei will be making many games based on the popular anime as they have done with their Dynasty Warriors series. Fans will no doubt be well happy Ken gets

Fuse announcement trailer & screens

EA and Insomniac Games released some new screens and a trailer for their Overstrike game which has now evolved into “Fuse” set for release in March 2013. Official Blurb:   Fuse is a 4-person co-op, story-driven, action game where even solo players can experience the unique attributes of each

007 Legends new movie reveal trailer & screens

Activision has just announced that Goldfinger is the fifth movie to feature in the upcoming 007 Legends. Take a look at the trailer and relive some Bond memories. Official Blurb: In order to thwart the plot, Bond takes action to infiltrate Goldfinger’s headquarters with help from a questionable acquaintance –