Forever Skies Reveal Teaser Trailer

Developer Far From Home showcase their latest offering Forever Skies in this reveal trailer which comes to consoles and PC early access in 2022. You play as a lone scientist in Forever Skies, returning to Earth long after a global ecological catastrophe has left the planet uninhabitable to humans. Above the

ELEX II – Combat Trailer

THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes’ ELEX II releases on consoles and PC from March 1st 2020. Take a look at the latest combat trailer. About ELEX II ELEX II is the sequel to ELEX, the vintage open-world role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic and Risen series, Piranha

Tormentor – Official Manhunt Gameplay

We take a look at Madmind Studio’s in-development Tormentor in this alpha gameplay video. The game offers a horror experience where you play as the aggressor against several survivors. The game comes to Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC most likely in 2022. ABOUT TORMENTOR: Take on the role of

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER Trailer

Developer MidBoss reveals a new trailer for their cyberpunk themed, Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER which releases on consoles and PC in 2022. NEURODIVER  takes place a few years after 2064: Read Only Memories, and features returning characters like police detective turned private eye Lexi Rivers, elite hacker TOMCAT, and expert attorney Jess