Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault Genesis June 2023 UPDATE Gameplay

The adult-themed third person shooter set in a futuristic world entitled Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault: Genesis received an update which improves the game. The changes completely revamp the nightclub, and add new story missions amongst other things. Take a look at the video if you’re unfamiliar with the game. It’s great the developer Vortex00 continues to work on the game despite the diatribe he has had from some sections of online communities. You can grab the game from Steam here.


Added AZERTY movement support

Added series of story missions following Arielle and Phia as they are forced to investigate a volcanic planet during the search for Jeo, Speak to Harold (on the bridge) after the main story is complete)

The nightclub is now redone, and much bigger so more adult content can be put in there in the future.

Added additional adult content to the nightclub that is viewable while in control of Arielle.

added enemy pooling in certain missions.

maiko arena challenge added that also makes use of enemy pooling.

the arena now ends in a separate warehouse (with the drag race npc) to avoid loading the main city hub after each arena fight.

Drag Race now properly works if you bought the Bike instead of viewing the scene with Thomas

Abandoned terminal now includes arena progress and special agent unlocks.

Fixed an issue where Bri can get stuck in the Restroom.

modified ending dialogue to match events from the snow base.

added lights to main character model faces

Written by: Rob Cram

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