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Welcome to the Adult VR Games Directory. In the name of easier loading we’ve separated the directory into more pages as it was getting too long with just the one page. For easy navigation click the links to visit the other pages.

Here is a comprehensive look at Adult VR Games, VR porn games, sexy VR games or whatever else you want to describe them as. Stepping beyond regular VR porn, these games fully immerse the player and with more developers experimenting with the medium it’s getting better.





DEAD Or Alive Xtreme 3 PSVR
Club VixXxen – Otium VR
Waifu Sex Simulator 2.4
CUSTOM MAID 3D 2 & Custom Order Maid 3D2 (Steam)
Happy Biting VR
La Douche VR/The Villain Simulator
MeakRob47’s SEX GAME
Dorei Nikki 3D
Cat Girl Playroom (demo)
Play Home Demo
Virtual Romance Club
Sex & Gun VR
Focus On You
Virtual Mate
Life of a Girl
Mirage 0.3

DEAD Or Alive Xtreme 3 PS4:

This one comes to the PS4 and will eventually support Playstation VR when it releases in October 2016. I’m not sure what will be involved but it’s likely you’ll be able to view the ladies in the model viewer and playing the activities. Whilst not as “adult” as the other games here, it’s worth listing all the same. There’s a free version available too in case you didn’t want to order the game from but you’ll need to open a Japanese or Asian PSN account for this.

EDIT: This was supposed to release in time for the PSVR launch but since then we’ve heard nothing about this in development. So who knows if it will be included as DLC, or a separate game or even canned entirely.

EDIT 2: The VR mode has finally released for the Japanese version. Those with the Hong Kong/Chinese version which includes English subtitles will have to wait.

Club VixXxen – Otium VR

Club VixXxen has been in developement for quite some time now and looks like it’s making some progress as a hybrid VR sexy/action/adventure game. The developers at Otium VR seem to have taken the game in various directions adding more features to the mix which in some ways might slow the development of the core idea. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on because they are making constant strides forwards. You can support the developer on their Patreon page and hope this gets released sooner rather than later.

UPDATE 2017: According to the developer, the game progress has slowed due to some family issues. He needs more money to speed things up. The good news is he is still working on the game albeit at a slow pace at the moment.

Waifu Sex Simulator 2.4

Waifu Sex Simulator is the mod work of Lewd Fraggy which works on both the Oculus Rift and Vive although can be temperamental to set up – you can find instructions here on the rather cool However, once up and running you’ll be able to move around with a gamepad, customize and even interact with the ladies using LEAP motion controls which is really where VR experiences need to head in the future. If you like anime inspired characters then this is certainly worth checking out.


Custom Maid 3D 2 is a comprehensive game in its own right as you manage a club and its staff. However, the models are much less realistic and rest on the side of anime characters. That said, there’s some excellent customization options and if you look deep enough plenty of user defined mods. The only caveat is it’s a massive pain in the butt to get working. There are plenty of guides out there but probably the best can be viewed below thanks to Blyss4226. The game has come along leaps and bounds since this was posted and now includes motion control support using Oculus Touch.

Change Locale region to Japanese in Windows (latest update means you might not need to do this). You can swap it back at any time when not running the game. Alternatively you can ignore this and just play with Japanese text.

1. Install game (Google Custom Maid 3D 2 Download)
2. Install both x64 updates from KISS site –
3. Install VR update from KISS site –
4. Install HF patch(Note: disable NTLEA option in installer) –
5. Download my patch –
6. Merge contents of CM3D2 folder in patch above in to your CM3D2 directory
7. Go in your CM3D2 directory and in to the ReiPatcher subdirectory and execute “__Patch VRx64.bat”



Alternatively to Custom Maid 3D2, you can try the English translation version available on Steam entitled Custom Order Maid 3D2 It’s a Night Magic. A lot easier to understand the “game” parts and can be played in 2D as well as VR. You can download an adult patch from the official website. 



Honey Select (which you can grab from here) is the latest game from Japanese developers Illusion Software who are well known for their Playclub and Sexy Beach games. Playclub is already VR enabled as you can see earlier on in this article. Well their latest game Honey Select has a demo which has been patched to work in VR and features some good looking customizable character models alongside some user made creations such as Street Fighter’s Cammy and DVA from Overwatch. The full game will no doubt be pretty special if going by Illusion’s previous works.

Honey Select (Full Version)

The full version of Honey Select released but is not being sold outside of Japan (for now) as per usual so if you want to play then you’ll have to use less favourable means (at your own risk and not condoned by us). If you want to taste the game then either try the trial version which has been modded to include English, or take your chances with this version until someone can work their magic mods to include full localized menus and subs. If you’re going to play it make sure you download this handy VR mod as the standard VR implementation isn’t that great and keep an eye on any updates from this chap.

Here’s some instructions if you do decide to attempt to play it.

-Download game (comes as disc 1 & 2)
-You need to mount disc 1 and choose the setup option
-set drive path where you want it installed and begin installation
-during installation it will pause where you’ll be prompted to insert disc 2
– take note of the drive letter, eject disc 1 and then mount disc 2 but you’ll need to change it to the same drive letter as previously or else it won’t work. To do this go to control panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, then create and format hard disk partitions, right click the drive and choose change drive letter and paths. Change it to the same letter as Disc 1 was.
-click continue on the dialogue box and finish installation.
-Install the VR mod (from the same link above)
– Now download and then Install the English text mod – FROM HERE
– Now download and install Eusth’s VR Mod FROM HERE.
-In the Game Folder make sure you create a desktop link to the Honeyselect_64VR application and run Steam VR before running the game.
-In custom model creation mode you might find the model is behind the interface, so you’ll have to move it into view with the mouse buttons.


Happy Biting VR (Steam Greenlit)

A new game on the horizon from the developers of that famous PS 2 Mosquito game, but this time we are sucking blood for the future of mankind. Whilst there’s no demo of this just yet the game has been greenlit on Steam which means it’s happening. First second element girl casual VR game , players play from a future world of mechanical mosquito , in order to purify the human due to environmental degradation and pollution of blood ,you will use the time machine back to the 21 century , while peeping the girl learned enough DNA samples to save the fate of the future of mankind .
In the blood-sucking process requires players to avoid beauty’s attack by pesticides , remove mosquito traps, collect coins, attack girl’s sensitive point .
This game take full advantage of VR features , develop a variety of gameplay. There are two levels right now. bedrooms and bathroom, two girl characters , ten sets of clothing , and more , so stay tuned.



La Douche VR

A game in development from Haz ZnelArts where you’re able to move around a room with a naked lady taking a shower except you’re invisible and can watch her without being seen. There’s now support for the Vive wands so you can interact with the model so development is moving along nicely. Hopefully there will be a demo soon to sample.

EDIT: The game has come along leaps and bounds since its early conception and now includes Oculus Touch support alongside Vive wands as you can see in the video below. Customization and a choice of characters is also a feature now.


The Villain Simulator


Another project with a unique twist. This time you play as the bad guy where you can do some unspeakable things with your victim. There are plans to have instructions via speaker to make it more like a game rather than just a sandbox experience.


MeakRob47’s SEX GAME

Meakrob47 is working on some fantastic looking animations for his “Sex game” although it’s unclear what it will be like at this stage. The only thing to be sure of is his facial animations and movements are some of the most realistic we’ve seen period (see video below). Either way, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Update: A Vive only demo has now been released. You can download it from HERE.

Update 2: New 1.2 Demo available for download which includes new customization options. Download from HERE.




Dorei Nikki 3D (Slave Diary 3D): The VR Experience Free Trial

Some crude animations but looks dark and moody utilizing some neat lighting effects. There’s some censorship of male body parts but it does provide a decent glimpse into what the paid for content is like. Simply click the “Trial Version” button.



You can now try a demo of this cute game where you mess around with a cat girl (ecchi) in various states of undress and sexual activity. The game is currently on Sale with a 30% discount. It has been developed and works with the Vive but might be able to work with the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers with Steam VR enabled.



Illusion are back with their latest game which features some interesting themes which might not appeal to everyone. It’s a very similar set up to Play Club and offers a trial to check out. Sadly this is only available to people in Japan unless a VPN is used to download the 1.2 Gb demo file. Take a look at the video which shows off customization and some HF scenes.




Following in the footsteps of Illusion’s VR Kanojo, the Japanese developer is now setting its sights on a western release for its new VR experience, SUMMER VACATION. You can check out the game trailer before making your minds up as to what sort of things players will be able to get up to with the Dead or Alive series Marie Rose lookalike. Western gamers can now add the game to their Steam wishlist and most likely much like VR Kanojo, once the game is released Illusion will unleash an optional “Adult” patch to unlock the extra content.




Vi Rose launches a Patreon for their Virtual Romance Club which offers interactive VR chat of a sexual nature. This is looking very promising so far and well worth checking out what they have accomplished thus far.



Sex & Gun VR

A story based VR action game with plenty of shooting of various descriptions, then there’s full customisation of the ladies and full on sex. What more could you ask for. The game is currently in early access on Steam but the developer seems keen to progress the game.



Focus On You

Coming to Oculus store and Steam on July 5th 2019, Focus on You is about an intimate relationship with a model. Not so much adult content here but included all the same. No doubt modders will create a nude mod.


Virtual Mate

We were initially unsure of this because it seems way advanced compared to most projects. We’re giving Virtual Mate the benefit-of-the-doubt here as it does look enticing with its VR support. This is some reaction based software that connects with a male sex toy where the character responds to your movements.


Life of a Girl

General Harden proposes to make a Sims lite experience with Life of a Girl. VR is a planned feature at some point. In the mean time, expect a story, some interactions and a lot of neat ideas in the making.




Illusion presents a new Honey Select game out of Japan releasing on May 29th 2020 with some VR support. Stay tuned for whether you can purchase this in the west.


MorganVR presents a DAZ 3D model viewer in VR. This is quite basic at the moment but hopefully becomes a fleshed out experience.


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