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Townsmen VR – 2021 Showcase

HandyGames has updated their Steam Early Access VR game, Townsmen VR which now offers much more content including having a whole world to explore. Current Early Access features A complete overhaul of Townsmen VR A fully voiced campaign and story arching over 13 islands Upgrades and add-ons for buildings Research is

Sniper Elite VR Review – PC VR

Rebellion and developer Just Add Water released their eagerly anticipated Sniper Elite VR for Quest, Playstation VR and PC VR platforms. The game offers its own standalone campaign featuring some assets from the 2D games. Does the introduction of VR make this a must-have title though? Take a look at

VR Paradise Gameplay Preview – Update 1.12 May 2021

Developer Totem Entertainment recently updated their VR Paradise game/experience (to 1.12 in May 2021) adding some welcome features into the mix. The customization now feels a lot more involving where the models react to your clothing, body and accessories choices. You can also customize them from anywhere in the game