Zenith: The Last City | Skyward Summit Update Teaser Available Now

Ramen VR just dropped the long-awaited Skyward Summit Patch 1.3 for their VR MMO, Zenith: The Last City which can be played on Oculus, PC VR systems and even Playstation VR.

Greetings, Zenitheans!We are thrilled to announce the release of Zenith: The Last City’s Skyward Summit patch, which is the biggest patch we’ve launched to date! Although this patch is packed with exciting new features, we would like to draw your attention to two key aspects: the Skyland area and the Cyber Ninja class.
Skyward Summit Teaser Trailer
In the Skyward Summit patch, you will have the chance to explore the stunning Skyland area, an expansive new environment suspended high above the clouds. This magnificent realm boasts breathtaking vistas, unique challenges to overcome, new enemies to face and hidden treasures to uncover. It has been crafted with the utmost attention to detail, and we are confident that you will enjoy your time adventuring in this brand new region.
Zenith’s new region, Skyland.
We know you have been eagerly anticipating the Cyber Ninja class, and we are thrilled to finally introduce it to you! This new class is a formidable combination of melee and ranged combat combined with stealth abilities. The Cyber Ninja class is equipped with a formidable array of weapons, gadgets, and skills, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy fast-paced, agile gameplay.
Zenith’s 3rd Player Class: The Cyber Ninja
Additionally, this patch includes a multitude of other new features, such as updated combat and physics systems, new lifeskills, PvP, player housing, and much more.

Zenith is currently 40% off on the Oculus store until the end of the day (PST), so this is the perfect time to get into the game!

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We want to thank our community for their continued support and feedback, which has allowed us to create this incredible patch. We cannot wait for you to dive into the world of Zenith and experience all the new features we have in store for you in Skyward Summit.Thank you for being a part of the Zenith community, and we look forward to seeing you in-game!
See you in Zenith!
– Joe, Ramen VR Community Manager

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