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Today we’re taking a closer look at Team 17’s latest release which is born from last year’s release of Worms Revolution via digital download in the all encompassing release of Worms The Revolution Collection which not only provides last year’s game, but the three DLC packs which if gathered separately would set you back about 2400 Microsoft points or around £25 quid. What sweetens the deal is the inclusion of the classic Worms 2: Armageddon and all its DLC trimmings making for a good value for money package for worms fans.

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So to begin, Worms Revolution brought new features into the turn based strategy game by introducing water and physics based effects which could literally turn the tides of battle.  The game still retained its humor and narrative but felt like a much more polished game. The 3D visuals added much character to proceedings and the general ease of play made for a welcoming game for newcomers. Simply put, Revolution is the culmination of years of hard work from a dedicated team and plays extremely well. If there’s to be any criticism at all and that’s possibly due to impatience, is the general speed of the game which still crawls at a snail’s pace as players take turns.  The AI can also be a little too advantaged at times, although sometimes succumbing to making silly mistakes and suicidal moves. The controls for aiming is still a little fiddly, and for beginners hit and miss at times, which might cause some frustrations especially as the AI has the potential of perfect aim.

There are still plenty of options for gamers including the campaign, puzzles, fort battles, deathmatch and classic modes of play as well as the chance to locally duke it out on custom maps or over the online airwaves. The inclusion of the Mars, Medieval and Funfair packs simply add much more to the game including new maps, puzzles, themes and worm customization options which are always good for a giggle.

Worms 2 in comparison shows its age a bit not only in graphics but the general style of the gameplay. Whilst the essence is quintessentially the same, Revolution is leaps and bounds the better game – and rightly so given the distance between them. That said, Worms 2 Armageddon is extremely packed with content and if you’re a sucker for some of the classic comedy voices, then this is a great game to dip into if you’ve not already.

The collection feels like it’s fan service for those not able to hit the online markets and grab the latest game which is a good thing, but for those who already have either game, then there’s not much incentive to purchase this game. There is also a problem with this product in that although the DLC packs can be installed as and when they are required, the main game refuses to be installed onto hard drive on Xbox at least which is a bit of a shame and an unusual move.

To surmise, if you’re a fan of turn based strategy games and aren’t stony faced and deadly serious, then the antics of the worms will bring a tactical smile to your face and make for a welcome game as you fly explosive sheep and use all manner of offensive advanced and not so advanced weapons.  There’s a lot of content to mess around here for lone or a group of players and the choice to go online welcome. If you’ve already played either of the two games and skipped the DLC, then it’s possible to justify the purchase but only if you’re a worms hardcore. Anyone else might want to ignore forking out for the same game again.

Worms The Revolution Collection is a fun and entertaining game for players of many ages and comes from a classic series that’s been around the block several times now. If you’re after a game that’s cute and offensive, then this is well worth checking out.

Worms the Revolution Collection scores 8/10Review by Robert Cram



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