What did Sony omit from its PS3 evolution video?

Sony has been building up momentum towards its forthcoming February 20th Next Gen showcase event for the Playstation brand, and for a few days now has released videos showing off its impressive track record including the Psone, PS2 and today the PS3 evolution. The short video clips show all sorts of scenes about the respective consoles from the first buyers, current, past and future game footage as well as the hardware itself. With the PS3 video something was missing, something that was once touted as a revolution in social gaming, and that was Playstation Home.


The video ignored this cool playground service, but why? Surely it was a benchmark moment for the platform, a free hub world where gamers could meet each other and interact with the PS3 in new ways?¬† Despite becoming a playground for abuse, the concept has always been admirable, so why not include it in the PS3’s history?

Could it be that Sony has something bigger planned for Home moving into next gen and subtly left it out because something  is to be announced in the future? Or is Home considered not worth shouting about despite being technically ahead of its time?

You can view the PS3 history video here:

Written by: Rob Cram

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