Virt-A-Mate 1.2 Update – Kissing Scene

MeshedVR has updated his Virt-a-Mate VR project with whole host of features since it was unveiled earlier this year. There’s quite a lot players can now do to animate the characters in VR including being able to record your own animations, possess the models, customize their looks and of course put them in various positions. We had a quick stab at this with two girls kissing using the Oculus Rift and touch controllers.

To explain the video, we recorded several animations separately including head and hand movements in the first section of the video. You can see it looks pretty realistic although due to our positioning and recording each girl independently of the other it was hard to get them to “kiss” properly without them looking like they were eating each other’s face off. Probably a little more practice would be required to get it 100% right. For the latter portion of the video though we manually controlled each head of the girls (with each hand) to mimic them kissing each other which looks much better. In hindsight, this would have been a better way to record the head animations rather than separately. Obviously more graphic content can be made, including with a male character, but for now this is a rather tame demonstration to give you an idea how far things have come. As always, if you want to support this project then check out the Patreon Page Here.

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