Turbo Overkill | Launch Trailer

Trigger Happy announced the 1.0 version of their cyberpunk themed boomer shooter Turbo Overkill after quite some time in early access on PC.

Rev up that chainsaw leg and experience Apogee Entertainment’s newest cyberpunk FPS franchise, and their most over-the-top first-person shooter ever. Drawing inspiration from every FPS subgenre, including classic boomer shooters (such as Apogee’s own Duke Nukem 3D) combined with eSports-esque modern mechanics, Turbo Overkill offers an action-packed retro-meets-cutting-edge love letter to fast-paced gunplay from every era. Enter the neon-lit hellscape known as Paradise, a city under siege at the hands of Syn, a ruthless artificial intelligence hivemind and its army of brainwashed minions. Blast and chainsaw a path towards redemption as half-man half-machine antihero Johnny Turbo, and embark on a hyper-fast race to collect the bounty on Syn’s virtual head before other hunters get there first.

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