The Technomancer Sex Scene Leaves Much to the Imagination

When you have games like Mass Effect leading the RPG way showing a bit of exposed flesh akin to some late night TV show with its cross species alien sex scenes. The Witcher III proves that sex can be presented quite tastefully in games – even adding a bit of humour into the mix, and more edgy games like GTA V push the boundaries as far as possible without losing its 18 rating. So it comes as a bit of a surprise then that French developers Spiders shy away from sex scenes in their games. Their previous work, Mars War Logs offered only a mere hint that some sort of between the sheets action took place between two characters, and their most recent The Technomancer follows suit.

In The Technomancer after hours of play we see lead character Zachariah get jiggy with one of the female crew members Amelia and to be frank it’s over before it’s even begun, not that we’re wanting to see full blown thrusting and groaning. Take a look at the video which shows what happens when you techno-romance one of the females in the game. At least once the deed is done Zach is offered an opt out option – not that this makes him very popular.

Written by: Rob Cram

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