The Order 1886 Photo Mode Nudes Are Censored – Facebook Influencing Video Games?

It appears that Ready At Dawn or Sony made the decision to not allow its aged 18 plus users to take photos of the nude characters in The Order 1886 video game on the Playstation 4 using the newly added Photo Mode. It’s an unusual move considering you can take regular screenshots using the share feature and makes us wonder what the mentality behind it is. We can imagine some players attempting to take close ups of a particular man’s private parts or zoomed in shots of exposed breast but considering the game’s 18 rating it does strike us as a bit of unnecessary censorship. One could argue the limited adult content can be shared with the wider community via Facebook and Twitter directly from the PS4 as a reason to block the content but this does not extend to the 18 rated violence which is given a free pass. Facebook in particular has some tough rules on exposed flesh so perhaps this is where the answer lies but raises the issue of third party social media affecting the content in a video game. Take a look at the video which shows exactly what happens when players attempt to view or snap a photo of the nude/topless characters in the game. Then ask yourselves whether you agree with Ready At Dawn or Sony’s decision to do this and possibly adhere to the whims of Facebook at the expense of players who have no interest in sharing their images with external social media platforms.

Written by: Robert Cram

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