THE NEXT WORLD – Official Announcement Trailer (upcoming Cyberpunk games 2023)

Developer WinterYear Studios has just posted a very cool looking trailer for their upcoming cyberpunk-themed action-open-world game, THE NEXT WORLD. The game plans to release this year on consoles and PC via Steam.

In the year 2108, affluent and prolific software engineer, Dresden gives everything up to save his mother from a rare cancer. He makes a deal with the devil and instead of getting closer to his goal, he is pulled farther away while being used as a pawn by who he considered to be his only allies. While trying to set things right, he learns a terrible truth of who he is and what he was really born to do.

THE NEXT WORLD is an open-world, cyberpunk role-playing-game set in a dystopian Los Angeles in the year 2108 with a third-person perspective.

Dresden is a cybernetically augmented human, as most people are in this time and place. Throughout the game he has the ability to upgrade his augments which give him unique abilities to aid him on his missions.

Flying cars, trains, drones, etc.
A motorcycle the player can build from parts.
The story takes place over five environments.
Interaction with any character in the game, over 300+ unique voice actors voicing NPC’s.
New and innovative gameplay concepts.
Customizable weapons, and the ability to play the game entirely non-lethal.
Incredible original soundtrack composed by famed Hollywood music composer Ron Wasserman (Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men & 3500+ other productions

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