The Bearded Ladies

Corruption 2029 Review PC

Developer The Bearded Ladies had success with their turn-based strategy game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden on consoles and PC. The team released a new game entitled Corruption 2029 which follows a similar path as Mutant Year Zero (MYZ) but set within a new future American dystopian story. What

Corruption 2029 Gameplay Opening Mission 4K

The Bearded Ladies stealth-released Corruption 2029 which follows on from their successful Mutant Year Zero:Road to Eden. Gone are the mutant animal humans replaced by stealth-based soldiers of the future. This is a turn-based tactical game of sorts with plenty going for it. Take a look at the Corruption 2029

CORRUPTION 2029 Reveal Trailer

The Bearded Ladies present a new tactical game after the success of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden comes Corruption 2029. Available now via the Epic Game Store for £15.99. In the year 2029, the ominous CORRUPTION has turned America into a war-torn wasteland. With the help of a heavily