SouthPeak Games

Raven Squad review

Raven Squad tells the story of a military unit trapped behind enemy lines in the Amazonian jungles. Fighting tooth and nail against an oppressive force whilst offering the gamer the chance to embark on first person shooting action combined with some RTS elements. Sounds like it could be good…on paper,

Velvet Assassin review

Velvet Assassin is the latest game from US based publisher SouthPeak Games and has been produced by German development team Replay Studios. The game tells the story of fictitious character Violette Summer, a British operative during the second World War. The Violette in the game has been influenced by a

X-Blades review

X-Blades is the latest from SouthPeak Games and features the sassy but tenacious relic hunter Ayumi, as she quests for all things shiny and mysterious. She’s not quite Lara Croft, but in her own way shares a similar desire for adventure and exploration. Armed with her trusty gunblades and the

Two Worlds review

Two Worlds has a lot to live up to especially when it’s a game that has a number of similarities with the hugely successful Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion. Whilst Oblivion was well received across the board and garnered much praise as an early game in the Xbox 360’s life, Two Worlds