Playstation 4

53.4 Million PS4s Sold Worldwide

Today Sony revealed some updated figures for its Playstation 4 console with the company selling an impressive 6.2 million units during the 2016 holiday period which covers the 21st November through to the end of 2016. This puts the grand total of PS4s sold worldwide at over 53.4 Million. Unfortunately

40 Million PS4 Units Sold Worldwide

Sony has today announced that it has sold through to retailers (in 124 countries) over 40 million PS4 units worldwide as of May 22nd 2016 which is an impressive milestone to reach. It has to be said, that 40 million is not the same as actual units in the hands

Sony Announces 30 Million PS4 Sales Worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has today revealed that its PlayStation 4 console has sold in excess of 30.2 million units across the globe (in 124 countries) since it launched making it the fastest growing platform in the Playstation hardware history. “We are sincerely grateful that gamers across the globe have

PS4 launches in North America

Sony’s latest and perhaps greatest games console has gone on sale in North America today with much fanfare as expected, with midnight launches and an abundance of celebrations. The console which costs $399 heralds the dawn of next generation gaming for millions of fans, and with a launch line up

The PS4 features or the mere promise?

Sony have finally unveiled the PS4 – wait no, they haven’t quite unveiled their new PlayStation console, it’s still a mystery as to the aesthetics of the box, though we’ve been well and truly filled in on Sony’s vision for what the PlayStation 4 aims to deliver. It’s what the