Phil Spencer

Xbox@ GDC 2015 – Phil Spencer Speaks

Team Xbox posted a video from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where Phil Spencer talked about the future of the brand alongside the much touted Windows 10 interactions. Take a look at the video of his keynote speech which focuses on “The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft

Xbox On Windows 10 Trailer

Microsoft has announced during its Windows 10 briefing that users will be able to stream Xbox One content to any Windows 10 enabled device much like Sony’s shareplay. This means gamers can stay connected to their Xbox One library at any time within the home. Take a look at the

Phil Spencer takes over Xbox

Well not quite, but some interesting developments over at Xbox as front man Phil Spencer has been officially appointed as Head of the Xbox Brand which gives him the power to govern the future of Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Live as well as Xbox Music, Xbox Video and

More Xbox One exclusives to be announced

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to announce that there are more Xbox One exclusives to be announced this year when directly asked the question from another twitter user. This will be good news for gamers eying up the games available for the system both at launch and in