Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Games come to GoG on PC

If you’re a fan of the Metal Gear saga, then look no further than GOG as Konami announced the arrival of Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid & Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance on its platform for PC. You can snag these for £7.19 or £4.79 for Metal Gear.

FOX Engine Bento took little time

Hideo Kojima posted that the recently released image of Big Boss holding the 25th Anniversary bento took very little time to produce using the FOX engine. For the FOX Engine Bento, the image was placed over the normal map in around 2 hours. He joked that perhaps he’d use the

Liquid Snake tribute pours in

James Dance, proprietor of The Loading Cafe/Bar, handed this Metal Gear Solid tribute to its series creator, Hideo Kojima.  The image is comprised of several hundred shot glasses filled with coloured liquid. The end result is fantastic and must have required a lot of patience. For more info on the