Metal Gear Solid V

Bodyhack Metal Gear Man – PART 1

Konami’s weird and wonderful (and possibly disturbing for some) Metal Gear marketing has train accident victim James Young get transformed with the aid of a £70,000 prosthetic arm modelled from the Metal Gear universe. BBC Three presents a short documentary which follows James’ transformation. Check out part 1 now. James

The Metal Gear Solid 5 Drama in Words & Pictures

We previously looked at the drama surrounding Konami’s eagerly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain and highlighted some of the more prominent conspiracy theories most notably the connection between a head transplanting doctor and the game. Rather than leave it at that we’ve edited our original video which

The Metal Gear Solid V Doctor Conspiracy is a Joke

Oh boy, things escalated fast didn’t they. You may have heard Internet mumblings this last week pertaining to a particular head transplanting Doctor and his theories being linked to the forthcoming video game release of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain. Events took a sharp turn when the suspected