Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Naked Silver Q Uniform is Just…

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain fans will no doubt be aware of some new threads for the silent sniper that is Quiet in addition to her standard attire being questionable and (nudge nudge) allowing her to breathe (you can see the full animations of her in this uniform right here). Players can grab a blood soaked look to strike fear into the opposition once she’s familiar with you, but extend the friendship further (i.e by taking her out in the field quite a bit and raising the bond level) and you’ll not only be treated to more cockpit animations but the rather cool Naked Silver Q uniform which you can check out in the video below. Silver Surfer eat your heart out, or should that be Metal Mario? However, max out your bond to 100 percent with Quiet and you can unlock a gold version too which costs 500,000 GMP.




Written by: Rob Cram

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