LA Cops

LA Cops Review

Today we’re taking a look at Team 17’s 70s inspired cop drama top down shooter LA Cops which is available on Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program, PC and will be available on the PS4. LA Cops Review: To keep things brief, the game puts players into the

LA Cops easy 250 Achievement Points in 35 seconds

Raising questions on the validity of achievements/trophies, Team 17’s Xbox One, PC and PS4 top down shooter and 70s inspired cop drama “LA Cops” offers players a quick way to rack up some points at the very start of the game. In this case, players can amass 250 achievement points

LA Cops Joins Xbox One & PC

Listen Up! This city is being overrun by low life and filth. It’s time to toughen up, fight back. Lets forget the rules and start cleaning up these streets, our way. That’s the description for this 70s based cop drama 3D action game from Team 17. LA Cops has you