Top 6 Next Gen Graphically Impressive Games

Today we’re taking a look at the top next gen graphically impressive games and their graphics effects we’ve seen on the now current gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.  Obviously we’re seeing higher resolutions all round, but there’s a greater emphasis on things like character model detail, lighting, physics and other effects

Knack – Wrecking Machine trailer

Sony released a new Knack ‘Wrecking Machine’ trailer to showcase some of the cool physical elements present in the PS4 exclusive launch game. Knack has perhaps divided opinions, but for many, there’s an enjoyable game on offer here, well worth checking out it seems.

Knack Gamescom 2013 Trailer

A look at the PS4 exclusive action adventure launch title from Mark Cerny’s Japan Studio, Knack in this Gamescom 2013 trailer. Also check out some new screenshots in our gallery.

Knack E3 2013 trailer

The first PS4 game shown Knack, is now coming into its own as this physics based adventure shows off the PS4’s capabilities. Take a look at the trailer.

Knack screenshots and trailer

With the announcement of the PS4 last night came a look at a new game from Japan Studios entitled Knack. Mankind must turn to an unlikely hero named Knack to protect them from a dangerous new threat. Thanks to the power of mysterious ancient relics, Knack can transform into a