ION Lands

Cloudpunk Cockpit Update & First Person Mode 4K

Ion Lands posted a new update for their cyberpunk themed adventure game Cloudpunk. Aside from a more in-depth interactive apartment for lead character Rania, you can now use a cockpit view inside your cab. Considering you spend a lot of time here this is great for immersion. Coupled with the

Cloudpunk Console Release Trailer

Ion Land’s cyberpunk themed driving adventure game Cloudpunk releases on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch today. We reviewed the PC game a while back, but since then, the game has additional features and tweaks such as a first person perspective mode.

Cloudpunk First Person Camera Gameplay

Currently part of the beta build, ION Lands plans to add a first-person camera mode to their Cloudpunk game. We gave it a test-drive and found it even more immersive than the recently added third-person camera. Aside from a little tweaking with the height, it works really well and gives

Cloudpunk Review PC

The long-awaited neon-soaked driving adventure game Cloudpunk released on PC last week. It comes from indie developer ION lands and offers a story-driven cyberpunk themed experience. But is it any good and worth the asking price? Today we’re taking a look at ION Lands eagerly anticipated cyberpunk themed story-driven adventure

Cloudpunk Gameplay

Developer ION Lands released their cyberpunk themed neon -Noire game Cloudpunk on Steam this week. Take a look at some gameplay to give you an idea of what to expect from this story-driven game. The first video shows off the opening moments and the second a few hours into the