ION Lands

Cloudpunk First Person Camera Gameplay

Currently part of the beta build, ION Lands plans to add a first-person camera mode to their Cloudpunk game. We gave it a test-drive and found it even more immersive than the recently added third-person camera. Aside from a little tweaking with the height, it works really well and gives

Cloudpunk Review PC

The long-awaited neon-soaked driving adventure game Cloudpunk released on PC last week. It comes from indie developer ION lands and offers a story-driven cyberpunk themed experience. But is it any good and worth the asking price? Today we’re taking a look at ION Lands eagerly anticipated cyberpunk themed story-driven adventure

Cloudpunk Gameplay

Developer ION Lands released their cyberpunk themed neon -Noire game Cloudpunk on Steam this week. Take a look at some gameplay to give you an idea of what to expect from this story-driven game. The first video shows off the opening moments and the second a few hours into the