Interstellar Marines

Interstellar Marines now Free to Play on Steam

Zero Point Software has announced that its tactical first person shooter has seen plenty changes throughout its Early Access development culminating into a more concise gaming experience for shooter fans. The latest update includes a welcome level to introduce new players, an added sprint move for those close encounter escapes

Interstellar Marines Alpha Gameplay Impressions

We take a look at Zero Point Software’s tactical online shooter Interstellar Marines which has been available on PC for over a year now and is slowly taking shape to be an interesting prospect for FPS fans. The game offers tactical multiplayer action at present with more content, including a

Interstellar Marines Co-op Begins trailer

Zero Point Software has just revealed a new trailer for its shooter Interstellar Marines alongside news of the game reaching over 100K in sales since launching as an early access title last year. The Interstellar Marines co-op will be added to the core game next month on September 18th, adding