HITMAN 3 VR Gameplay Ambrose Island

We take a look at the recent HITMAN 3 new location Ambrose Island Shadows in the Water mission and take out the targets, complete the mission in VR (using a HP Reverb G2). Hitman 3 VR is actually pretty decent, despite having some control oddities and poor menu navigation. The

HITMAN 3 – Ambrose Island (Opening Cinematic)

IO Interactive offers a new free location for Hitman 3 entitled Ambrose Island. Take a look at the opening cinematic. Embark on a new adventure with Agent 47 to a secluded island in the Andaman Sea, where rogue thieves and a dangerous pirate syndicate are plotting a daring heist.

HITMAN VR Gameplay PC & HP Reverb G2

We take a rather murderous look at the just released HITMAN VR gameplay for PC using the unsupported HP Reverb G2. We managed to get this to work thanks to controller bindings from Rovaals via Nexus Mods. You can download it from here. Simply extract and paste the files inside