HITMAN 3 Freelancer Gameplay PC Technical Test – The Spin-Off Hitman needed

IO Interactive launched the HITMAN 3 Freelancer technical test yesterday, and we have been enjoying some great moments with the new game mode. Sure, there is a lot of familiarity, given the maps are the same from across the last three games, but it is the rogue-like gameplay and restrictions we’re not used to that shine. No longer can players just jump into maps and find a slew of weapons dotted around which is pretty tough, you have to earn them and build-up your arsenal as you play. Bring them out with you from your safehouse before you embark on the mission. Your targets also range from being pretty easy to take down, to highly difficult, especially if you’re looking for high ratings. Freelancer is definitely a-step-in-the-right-direction for HITMAN 3 fans, and we can’t wait for the full version to roll out.

In our video, we play using Ultra settings with ray tracing shadows and reflections enabled. DLSS set to Quality. As you can see, even the mighty RTX 4090 struggles a bit, but this is also likely exasperated by our i5 13600K CPU causing bottleneck.

Written by: Rob Cram

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